Hello there

Hello, Hi, Welcome. This is my first blog post. So I think introductions are in order. So, here I am, Nookendra Pradeep Raju Thota, a 20 year old lad from Hyderabad, India. If you are one of the 3rd year Civil Engineering students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, you’d know me personally, I’m one of them. So, I am an engineering student at IIT Kharagpur, and right now, I am spending my summer holidays, May to July, at Hyderabad, my hometown.

Some of the first questions that come to your mind now are why I started this blog and what I am going to talk about in this blog. There are many answers to the first question. One of them is to learn to write. Yes, don’t be surprised. I do feel that writing is something that has to be learnt. And that the more you write, the better you get. And so, by starting this blog, I am in a way forcing myself to write. And another answer to the first question would be that writing or blogging is a great way to communicate your thoughts and your ideas to the world, and by virtue of this communication, to make new friends. And to make new friends is to invite different perspectives, adding a whole new dimension to the way you look at the world.

And now, the answer to the second question. One thing I am very much interested about is about the movies. Now, you might think who in their twenties wouldn’t be interested in the movies. Yes, you are right. So, I am going to write about movies. And when I say movies, I say that I am going to talk about the cinema of America, the cinema of England, and the cinema of India. When it comes to the cinema of India, I would be a little more focussed on the cinema of South India. Also, since I said in my answer to the first question that by starting this blog, I am forcing myself to write, I would also write in this blog not only about movies, but also about anything that takes a significant amount of my thinking on a given day. And that anything could be about a beautiful girl who happens to pass by me on a rainy day, a little flower that just blossomed in the garden and such other things.

Now that I have answered the two questions, I think it’s time to say goodbye for today. I do like to see some comments on this first post. And I would also like to try to make this a habit to write. So, with this, I wish my readers goodbye for today. Take care.


5 thoughts on “Hello there

  1. I think i just got a whole new perspective of looking at things . NEE kallotho nenu lokanni chusthunnanu mama 🙂


  2. “And that anything could be about a beautiful girl who happens to pass by me on a rainy day”

    waiting for ur monsoon post ra for tht girl on a rainy day post 😉


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