The choice

It has been ten days since my first post. During this period, I’ve received some good feedback on the first post. Actually, it was so encouraging that I was in high spirits for about two to three days after the first post. Writing is such a good pastime; it took me almost two hours to right that first one. I tried to write a new post the very next day, but with little success. This is actually the third attempt to write the second post and I think I’ve made it this time. So, now let me jump into the topic.

If you were to choose between the following, which one would you choose? A challenging job with a monthly pay of about twenty thousand or inherit a large sum of money, say ten billion. Well, the question posed, on the surface, looks quite simple, and one that can be answered without much thought. But it can also be seen as a test of character. When you respond by choosing the first option, you are saying that you want to lead a challenging life, and so you are saying that you are a person with a strong character; someone with a strong will. And when you choose the second, you are saying that you want to be lazy, one who doesn’t want to work for a living.

But are you really? Are you really saying that you are lazy by choosing the second option? Well, I chose the second option and here are my reasons as to why I chose the second. When you have a lot of money, yes, you can get lazy, but also, you can do something that really interests you, and with nothing to worry about. If I were to inherit a large amount of money, I wouldn’t be a student at IIT Kharagpur anymore. I would buy a camera; learn various techniques involved with camerawork. And then maybe, in some two or three years, say, direct a short film. Well, all this looks quite sketchy, but that is what I want to do really. Some of us might want to become musicians, artists, etc. if that sort of thing interests you.  When you have a lot of money, you are free to choose and pursue whatever interests you the most. I am not saying that a person who is poor cannot or should not pursue something that interests him. What I really want to thrust upon here is that the path to glory for a poor man is more often a difficult one than it is to a rich man.

Another point that I’d like to thrust upon here is that being rich doesn’t always guarantee success in the path you choose. Being rich merely provides a lot of opportunities to succeed than not being does. It is unto you to exercise those opportunities carefully. The path to success has always been marked by those signposts such as hard work, passion and an undying will to succeed.

This is all I think I can say in this post. The topic here has also brought to my memory a poem called ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost. Interested readers can read the poem here – With this, I’d like to sign off. As always, I’d like to receive feedback on the post. Thank you and Take care.


One thought on “The choice

  1. a broad classification into these two school of thought. A subjective opinion on this issue is anyway bound to slip away.


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