Short Takes

The advent of digital cameras and the presence of youtube, has changed the Indian film scene. Popular film houses in India, like Bollywood, Tollywood, and their counterparts in other parts, have largely lost their touch with reality and still continue to make those old, formulaic films.

Digital cameras and Youtube as a platform have started serving many young directors who want to tell their stories, stories that are more important, more pressing, more real to them. These young people are making short films and posting them on youtube. If your film is successful, with a large number of views, you can make some money, and use it to make another movie.

This short film movement is a happening, interesting tale in the Indian film scenario and is giving voice to many hitherto unheard stories. And here, in this new series of blog posts, called Short Takes, I would endeavor to present some short films and their directors, who stand out from the rest, and deserve your attention.


2 thoughts on “Short Takes

  1. We admire everything you have done right here. I love the particular part in places you say you are carrying out this to give back however would presume by each of the comments that is certainly working for you at the same time. Do you have any longer info on this specific?


    • Hii,
      Thank you for taking a look at this blog. And thank you for your comment. But I’m sorry I can’t actually understand what you were asking me. So, can you please rephrase your question?


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