Short Takes: Uncle’s Education

Name: Uncle’s Education

Language: Telugu (English Subtitled)

Director: Anand Jayanti

Producer: Jaji Jayanti

Running Time: 21 minutes


Uncle’s Education is about an old man, im his late 50’s to early 60’s who mistakenly recieves hool reports of the little girl who lives downstairs with her mother. He learns that the girl’s father had died an year ago, and that the girl has been failing at her studies ever since.

The old man takes it upon himself to teach the girl and the central piece is a montage sequence that shows the growing bond between the girl and her saintly uncle. Yes, saintly – with that white hair and beard, and the white banyan he’ wearing. We are also not given any details about him – not even his name, and nothing about his family, nor anything on his past and present lives. This old man is just there, at that particular time and at that place to help this little girl.

The movie is about sending a message – that if you show love and kindness, you will receive it bac in equal measure. In trying to teach the little girl and gaining her friendship, the old man himself has learned an important lesson in life – that of sharing and spreading love.

This movie again is made by a first time director – Anand Jayanti. And Anand certainly shows signs of being better. In one particularly impressive shot, Anand goes into the head of the little girl and shows us what she really makes of the stuff on the blackboard. This shot gives me hope that we could expect more from this new director.


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