So much, and so much more….

I loved movies as a child and I loved them all through my life. The sort of movies I saw as a child were restricted to Telugu mainstream movies – that was the only language I could understand. And I never set foot in a movie theatre until one day in May 2003 when my brother took me to ‘Spiderman’. It was wonderful. More than the movie on-screen, I was looking up to see the projector rays.

It was kinda like this...

It was kinda like this…

I’ve loved movies by two great South Indian directors – Mani Ratnam and Ram Gopal Verma. Films like ‘Geetanjali’, ‘Shiva’, ‘Dalapathi’, ‘Nayakudu’, and  ‘Kshanakshanam’ were favourites. And Nagarjuna, the star of ‘Geetanjali’ and ‘Shiva’,  was my favourite hero. And these directors set themselves apart from the rest. Their films were different. They were more layered, more naunced, so to speak, than your average telugu film.

Geetanjali (1989)

Geetanjali (1989)

And once I reached college, the range, the band, the spectrum of movies I could see just got wider. I initially saw those Spiderman movies, and then the Indiana Jones movies – I became such a big fan of the Indy series – Harrison Ford lights up the screen for me anytime.

And then there was the Godfather movies, and Pacino became the center of my world. I saw every movie I could of Pacino. And then there is always the great imdb top 250. I haven’t seen them all, but most.

Slowly and slowly and slowly….. your gaze widens. Suddenly colour doesn’t matter anymore. Black and White seems great. And then, language barriers cannot stop you from watching a movie. You begin to take in everything.

Slowly, one begins to understand, that there is so much and so much more to discover. And to me, this image from the Indiana Jones series comes to my mind. It is nearly the last scene in the last Indy movie – that of  Cate Blanchett’s character Irina Spalko’s burning eyes – from an information overload. Her last words – “I want to know, I want to know everything”.


It is kind of a dreadful thought, but the journey has been exhilarating so far, and I’m still on this wonderful ride.


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