Short Takes: Half Mark

Name: Half Mark

Language: Telugu (English Subtitled)

Producer: White Elephant Productions

Director: Arun Ghosh

Running Time: 16 minutes

half m

Half Mark by Arun Ghosh is a funny little movie. It concerns two kids and their reality, their points of view. The first shot of the movie is as if it is from the pages of a modern version of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. A kid fires a toy gun, (on closer inspection, it’s just a little branch), and normally, nothing should happen, but from the kids’ view, rockets are launched, (oh, my mistake, it’s a rocket launcher), and some pretty good explosions take place. It’s just that these explosions do not turn anything into ashes. They are just very benevolent, eco-friendly explosions. And all this is achieved using simple flash animation.

It’s a simple story. These two little friends, have failed in English at school, one by a half mark, and the other – well, never mind how much he scored. But what the movie really is about is about these animations and how they show us what’s going on in those little heads. The director employs animations very successfully. They wonderfully capture their dreams, their fears and everything.

The director Arun Ghosh has a degree in “Film Direction and Animation”, and has worked on many documentaries and TV programs and is currently working for cartoon network. He has been making these short films with his group of friends under the banner of White Elephant productions.


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