First Impressions: Aamir Khan’s ‘pk’

Aamir Khan’s ‘pk’, set to release on December 19, is Bollywood’s most awaited movie of the year. The movie has created a lot of buzz since the release of  its first poster, featuring a nude Aamir Khan, with only a transistor covering his private parts, standing on a railway track, in what looks like a desert. Yesterday, on the occasion of Diwali, the first trailer of the movie was released.


After watching the trailer, here are a few thoughts on how the movie will turn out to be.  Ever since I’ve seen that first poster featuring the nude Khan and the transistor, I’ve always felt he is some kind of an alien who lands on earth in that desert looking place. The trailer reinforces this idea, with those big eyes, flabby ears and outlandish costumes. He’s also carrying that transistor with him in almost every shot. Wonder what secrets that transistor holds.

I think that as an outsider, he would go into a community, and bring about what is good and what is bad about that place. ‘Galtiya sudharne ki aadat thi usse.’ The big eyes and ears suggest that nothing can go past him. He’d see everything, and hear everything. With all that he sees and hears, he puts forth some questions this community is not ready to face. And then I guess he’s thrown out of the place, because people simply don’t like to be asked difficult questions. There is indeed a shot in the trailer where the police are dragging him away. This man is not going to change, it is the change he brings about the place which will be the subject of the story.

The story is told from the POV of Anushka Sharma, its her voice-over narration we hear in the trailer. And I guess it’ll carry over into the movie too. Because the story is told from her perspective, it puts his future in jeopardy. Because we cannot be sure he’s alive at the end of movie. The transistor, could well be the device that brought this alien into this world, and could very well be the device that’d take him away too. But we can’t be sure. So, we’d have to wait until december to see what happens to this modern day reformer.




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